KangerTech Replace Coil Unit Protank & EVOD &Unitank 5- pack

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Brand: Kanger
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* Resistance:

These coils are compatible with:
Kanger Protank
Kanger Protank II
Kanger Protank Mini's
Kanger Unitank
Kanger Evod clearomizers (not evod 2)

Please note, the coil is changed by removing the entire base and then removing the coil unit, replacing it with this unit.

Please be aware the Kanger is continually changing their boxes, we just got boxes in with just "protank" on them, these are still the right coils for the evod and unitank.

All Protank and Evod coils are the same item.

These coils sometime rate higher than they should, Kanger has a range of 1.8-2.1 with these
These coils will not work with the T3s/MT3s or the Protank III

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